Supervision & Teaching

Supervision Topics:

I welcome supervising MSc, PhD and Postdoc researchers on areas like:

- Social Inequalities in Parenting and Child Well-Being

- Digitalisation Impacts on Families and Children

- Gender Inequalities in Time Use and Work-Family Balance

- Life-Course Patterns and Social Demography

- Cross-National Research

- Quantitative Methods, Experimental Designs and Mixed-Methods 


- 2019/21: Cadhla McDonnell (Trinity College Dublin); Topic: 'Parent and Child Mental Health and Lone-Parent Families. Role: Postdoc supervision.

- 2020/24: Sandrine Metzger (Trinity College Dublin). Topic: Gender Inequalities, Time Use and Life Course. Role: PhD Supervision.

- 2019/23: Melissa Bohnert (Trinity College Dublin). Topic: Digital Use, Social Stratification and Child Well-Being. Role: PhD Supervision.

- 2019/20Laura Barbonetti (Trinity College Dublin). Topic: Social Inequalities, Life Course and Child Development. Role: PhD Supervision.

- 2018/19: Sara Bojarczuk (Trinity College Dublin); Topic: Child Digital Use, Social Inequalities, and Child Well-Being. Role: Mentoring project pilot.

- 2013 - : 17 BA/MSc final dissertation projects (University of Amsterdam; Trinity College Dublin)

Courses Taught:

2018 -

-  'Comparative Sociology'. Trinity College Dublin, BA (88 hours).  

-  'Gender, Work and Family'. BA. Trinity College Dublin, BA (110 hours).  

-  'Introduction to Sociology'. BA. Trinity College Dublin, BA (132 hours).

-  'Undergraduate Research Dissertation'. Trinity College Dublin, BA (45 hours).

-  'Research Design'. Trinity College Dublin, PhD (2 hours).


- ‘Concepts and Research in Political Science and Sociology’ . EUI, Florence, PhD (8 hours). 

- ‘Family Demography’. University College London, Institute of Education, BA (3 hours). 

- 'Quantitative Methods’. University College London, Institute of Education, BA (3 hours).


- ‘Foundations of Comparative Sociology’. EUI, PhD (4 hours).


-  ‘Education,   Stratification  and  Life Course’ . University of Amsterdam, BA (2 hours).

- 'Relationships, Cohesion and Inequalities’. University of Amsterdam, MSc (4 hours).


- ‘Quantitative Methods in Social Policy’ . Pompeu Fabra University, MA (40 hours).

- ‘Social Stratification’. Pompeu Fabra University, BA (40 hours).


-  ‘Introduction  to  Sociology’. Pompeu  Fabra University, BA (80 hours).

- ‘Labor Market Sociology’ . Pompeu  Fabra University, BA (10 hours).