Research Themes:

My ongoing research projects focus on four main areas

1. Inequalities and trajectories in parenting and child development

2. Child and adolescent daily activities across micro-macro contexts

3. Impacts of the 24/7 economy on families and children

4. The role of the family in the formation of gendered attitudes

Ongoing Projects as PI or co-PI:

* Researching and Promoting Positive Adult and Child Mental Health and Wellbeing in Lone-Parent Families

-  Period: 2019-2021.

PI: Cadhla McDonnell (post-doctoral researcher awardee). 

- Co-PI & TCD Coordinator: Pablo Gracia.

- Non-Academic NGO Partner: Valerie Maher ('One Family').   

- Funder: Irish Research Council, European Commission; Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, IRC COFUND (CAROLINE) 

- Grant: €172.000.

* Social Inequalities, Children’s Activities and Child Development: A Longitudinal Approach 

- Period: 2018-2022

- PI: Pablo Gracia.

- Funder: Provost PhD Competition Award, Trinity College Dublin. 

- Grant: €64.000.

Child Digital Use and Social Inequalities: The Role of Digital Socialisation in Intergenerational Inequalities in Ireland

- Period: 2019-2021

- PI: Pablo Gracia.

- Funder: Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund

- Grant: €3.000.

Social Inequalities in Girls’ and Boys’ Daily Activities and Skills Accumulation

- Period: 2018-2020

- PI: Pablo Gracia.

- Funder: Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund

- Grant: €3.000.

Project Partnerships:

* DIGYMATEX: Establishing A Comprehensive Understanding and Taxonomy of Children's Digital Maturity

- Period: 2020-2024

- PI: Marco Hubert.

- Role: Project partner (leading project partner at Trinity College Dublin)

- Funder: Horizon 2020 / -SC6- TRANSFORMATIONS-07-2019-RIA

- Total Grant: € 3.4 million.

- Subproject Grant Allocated to TCD: €226.000.

Projects under review:

* Impact of the 24/7 Economy on Child Well-being: A Nine-Country Analysis

- Period expected: 2020-2024

- PI: Wen Jui-Han.

- Funder: NIH-01: National Institute of Health Research Grant

- Grant: under review.

Previous Projects and Grants:

* Inequalities in Child Daily Activities and Development: A Multi-Method, Longitudinal, and Cross-Country Approach (ChildTimes) 

- Period: 2018/19.

- PI: Pablo Gracia.

- Funder: Enterprise Ireland (€14.500).

* Parental Conditions, Family Relations and Work: Implications for Families and Children

- Period: 2015/17.

- PI: Pablo Gracia.

Funder: European University Institute. Max Weber Programme (€48,000).

* Family Conditions and Child Outcomes 

- Period: 2013/14.

- Coordinator: Pablo Gracia.

- Partners: University of Amsterdam (AMCIS); WZB, Berlin; Goethe University, Frankfurt; Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS); University of Mannheim (MZES); University of Oxford (Nuffield College).

- Funder: EqualSoc Network, 7th FP European Commission (€3,500).

* Stratified Family Dynamics: Polarizing Trends in Couple Behavior and Parenting 

- Period: 2010/12.

- PI: Gosta Esping-Andersen.

- Funder:  7th  FP European Commission, ERC Advanced Grant (€2.100.000).

Role: PhD researcher.

* Analysis of Multiple Equilibria in Families

- Period: 2010/12.

- PI: Gosta Esping-Andersen.

- Funder: Spanish Ministry of Science (€165.770).

Role: PhD researcher.

* Family-Work Policies and Gender Inequalities in Paid and Unpaid Work in Spain 

- Period: 2009/10.

- PI: Pablo Gracia & Daniela Bellani.

- Funder: Fundación Alternativas - Estudios de Progreso (€1.500).

* Diverging Parenting: Socioeconomic Background, Gender and Institutions

- Period: 2008/12.

PI: Pablo Gracia (PhD researcher awardee).

- Funder:  Spanish Ministry of Science (€55.000).

* Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion (EqualSoc) Project

- Period: 2008/10.

- Coordinator: Robert Erikson.

- Funder:  7th FP, European Commission (€8.429.000).

Role: Researcher at the FAMNET group.

* Redistribution Effects of Women’s New Roles 

- Period: 2008/10.

- PI: Gosta Esping-Andersen.

- Funder: Spanish Ministry of Science (138.000).

Role: PhD researcher.