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3-Year Postdoc Position:

Link to the call: Postdoc in ERC DIGINEQ project

Postdoc Position in ERC Project “DIGINEQ”

“Social Inequalities, Digitalisation and Adolescent Well-Being: Dynamic Life-Course Approaches” (PI: Prof. Pablo Gracia)

Job Position:

The Centre for Demographic Studies (CED) and Department of Sociology from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) are looking for an outstanding social scientist to fill in a 3-year postdoctoral position funded by the ERC Consolidator Grant project DIGINEQ – “Digital Time Use, Adolescent Well-Being, and Social Inequalities” (PI: Prof. Pablo Gracia). The project DIGINEQ will develop a novel conceptual and empirical framework to provide new understandings of how adolescents’ digital use shapes social inequalities in well-being in contemporary societies in daily life. The postdoctoral researcher will meet these ambitious goals by offering innovative evidence on how changes in digital engagement shape inequalities by socioeconomic status (SES) in mental well-being and academic outcomes from childhood to late adolescence, using advanced quantitative methodologies through analyzing high-quality largescale longitudinal cohort data on digital use, well-being, and family dynamics. 


Job Details:

* Duration: 3-year Postdoc Position (2024/27).

* Salary: €41,161.22 annual gross payment (€37,161.22 + €4,000 complement); ~ €2,500 monthly net.  

* Annual support (travel, conference, and training): €3,000 per year.

* Deadline: Monday June 17th, 2024 at 1pm (13:00); CET, Spanish local time.

* Interviews:  Shortlisted candidates should be contacted on 18/06/2024 to hold online interviews on Friday 21/06/2024.

* Starting Date: October 2024.

* Link to the call:

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