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Research Covered in Media:

- 'Child Digital Use Impacts on Mental Health in Ireland' (2020)

Covered at 'The Irish Times front-page& 'The Irish Times article'

- 'Child and Adolescent Time Use: A Cross‐National Study.' (2019)

Covered at 'Population Europe'

- 'Parental Separation and Children's Time Use.' (2019)

Covered at 'The Irish Times' 

-'Parents' family time and work schedules: The split-shift schedule in Spain.' (2016) 

Covered at 'El País', 'Work Care Share', 'Population Europe'

-'Las políticas de conciliación y sus efectos en España.' (2010)

Covered at 'El Periódico', 'Público', '20 Minutos', 'La Razón'

Interviews in Newspapers and Radio Stations:

Impact of Child Screen Time on their Mental Health Problems (at 'Tipp FM Radio', Sept 2020)

Children's Digital Use and Screen Time and Well-Being (at 'The Irish Times', Sept 2020)

- Gender Inequalities in Academia and COVID-19 (at 'University Times', May 2020)

- COVID-19, Social Inequalities and Child Outcomes (at 'El Pais', March 2020)

- Parental Separation and Child Daily Activities (at 'Newstalk' Radio Station, April 2019)

Parenting, Children, and Schooling (at 'El Mundo', May 2017)

Social Inequalities and Social Mobility (at 'El País', June 2016)

Work-Life Balance in Spain (at 'El País', Jan 2016)

Published Articles in Media:

- Social stratification and parental care: The Spanish case. Observatorio Social "La Caixa" (Sept 2016)

- ¿Influye el horario laboral sobre el tiempo familiar?. Nada es gratis (Jan 2016)

- Does the Spanish work schedule hurt family life?. Population Europe (Jan 2016)

- Horarios laborales en España: ¿Son un problema para las familias?. Politikon (Jan 2016)

- ¿Igualdad de oportunidades? Desigualdad social en España y Europa. (Jan 2016)

- Desigualdad social y cuidado parental en España. (Oct 2015)

- Género y trabajo doméstico: ¿Tiende España a la igualdad?. (Jan 2015)

- ¿Desigualdad de género doméstica? España y Europa. (Nov 2014)

- Horarios laborales en España: ¿Afectan a las familias?. (Oct 2014)

- Educational inequalities in parents' time with children. (July 2013)

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