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I am Professor in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin, where I lead a research team that examines Families and Inequalities in contemporary societies. I got an MSc in Social Demography and PhD in Sociology from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona), receiving further PhD training from Oxford and Essex.​ I have been postdoctoral researcher at the European University Institute and University of Amsterdam and visiting scholar at institutions like NYU (New York), UCL (London), WZB (Berlin), MZES (Mannheim), INED (Paris), CSB (Antwerp) and CED/UAB (Barcelona). I am lead PI and country-level PI of multiple projects funded by the European Research Council and Irish Research Council. My work is published across journals in Sociology (e.g., European Sociological Review, Information, Communication & Society, Journal of Marriage and Family), Demography (e.g., European Journal of Population, Advances in Life Course Research, Demographic Research) and Media (New, Media & Society). I have also one book (i.e., Polity Press) and several book chapters (e.g., SAGEEdward Elgar) across publishers.   
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